Accompaniment choices for your dinner or buffet menu

Starch Choices

Whipped Idaho Potatoes, Italian Style Oven Roasted Potato, Red Bliss Oven Roasted Potato, Rice Pilaf with Pine Nuts, Three Cheese Delmonico (add $0.75 per guest), Baked Potato with Sour Cream (add $0.75 per guest), Risotto Parmesan (add $1.75 per guest)

Vegetable Choices

Fresh String Beans, Buttered  Peas, Buttered Peas and  Diced Carrots, Glazed Fancy Sliced Carrots, Buttered Sliced Carrots, Fancy Buttered Corn, Butternut Squash ( add. 75 per guest), Broccolli Au Gratin( add .75 per guest), Vegetable Medley ( add. 75 per guest), Italian Beans in garlic and Oil (add $0.75 per guest), Tomato Sauce (add $0.75 per guest), Asparagus Topped with Roasted Peppers (add $1.75 per guest)


Before placing your order, please inform
your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.